USPS Personal Vs Business Account

There are multiple benefits of having an account with USPS. However, not many of us are aware of the advantages it offers.

It must be noted that USPS is not merely a package shipping company. The organization offers a variety of services. A USPS business account can prove very useful to various businesses. 



What is a USPS Business account?

For a large-scale business organization, a USPS business account brings many benefits. It offers a fair deal to such businesses on bulk shipping. Besides, substantial reduction of shipping rates, a USPS business account provides the following services.

  • Helps to deliver advertising campaigns
  • Allows scheduled pickups
  • Derives marketing insights from the process
  • Print labels and track them

On the other hand, a personal account is more suited towards home services like ordering stamps, mailing a package, or renewing a Mailbox. 

Benefits of USPS Business account

The USPS Business account has multiple advantages over a personal account; a few of them are.


To help businesses reach more customers, the USPS Business account offers a unique service called the Every Door Direct Mail service. This is an online mapping facility that allows companies to widen their customer base. With the Every Door Direct Mail service, a business can choose the postal route according to their customers and demographics. With this service, a company can deliver the products on time to every address on the route selected. Overall with this service, a business does not have to purchase a mailing list. 

Postage packages

If packages and mails are delivered using a Priority or Express Mail service clubbed with a USPS Business account, the business receives certain business supplies for free. For instance, during the festive season, the company gets decorative packing boxes. Besides, a business can choose from the various models and receive them within 7-10 business days.


For businesses, using PayPal makes a lot of things simple. A USPS Business account gives you this freedom, and it only pays for the services it receives using PayPal. This makes it easy to keep track of all the operations, thereby streamlining the experience. With PayPal integration, it is easier to pay fees as it eliminates the entire manual entry process. 


Thanks to the tracking facility offered by the Business account, a business can better handle and answer customer queries. With a Business account, a company can send its customers updates about their package via email or SMS. The notifications are sent to customers in real-time. Thus the customers get the complete picture regarding their package. They can also keep track of their package’s position, track movement, and progress without having to reach the company over and over again. 

Receiving the mail anywhere

This is a handy feature offered by USPS. With a Business account, customers can receive their mails wherever they are. They need to inform the post office about their current location, and their mail is directed to them at that place. This facility is ideal for people who are planning on relocating. 

Doorstep pickup facility

If an individual does not have the time to pick up their package from the post office, USPS delivers them right at the doorstep with a USPS Business account. With fast service facilities like Priority Mail, your packages should reach your place within the given date and time. If the business mentions its particular holidays, they even get embellished postage boxes. 

Potential customers tracking

The USPS Business account features a unique tracking tool that allows a business to reach its promotional marketing campaigns to its potential customers. This mapping tool surveys the active and prospective customers. 

Based on the collected data, the company can plan and execute its strategic marketing and promotional campaigns. This mapping tool provides the required insights to determine the target audience. 

Quick label making

It takes a lot of time to create labels for individual packages and printing those. Fortunately, the USPS Business account provides a unique tool that enables one to print the labels quickly. The Click-and-Ship tool saves a lot of time and money while getting the packages ready for delivery. All you need is a printer to print these labels. 

No paperwork required

Paperworks are tedious and are often looked down upon by most businesses. Thankfully, the USPS Business account deals with this issue well. 

Once a business account is created, one can access a particular software ideal for doing some specific tasks like writing manifests automatically, postage statements, and choosing from an array of custom forms. Overall with this automated process, USPS eliminates human errors to a great extent. 


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How to create a Business account? 

Since the USPS Business account provides a world of benefits, it’s often lucrative to change your existing personal account to a business account. To make the update, simply reach out to and follow the instructions. Find the “Register” option. 

The process is pretty straightforward and does not take a lot of time. Make sure you enter the correct details and then enjoy the perks of the USPS Business account. 


The USPS Business account is indeed lucrative for entrepreneurs. The world of benefits mentioned above can give quite some additional advantages to a business in such a competitive market. Besides on-time delivery, a company provides hassle-free communication facilities to the customers, conducts campaigns, and streamlines its shipping process and payment procedures. Overall, a USPS Business account enhances the customer experience. 

FAQs on USPS Personal vs Business Account

How much does it cost to get a USPS Business account?

It costs approximately 15.9/ month to get a business account. However, the insurance rates are far less than those offered by any other services. Besides, additional services like regional boxes, videos for international orders, and flat rates are also doled out. 

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