USPS Priority Box: Things You Should Know

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get your package delivered in the shortest time possible, maybe in 2-3 days? If your answer is yes, we have something to introduce you to.

It is the Priority Mail service provided by the USPS. At a pre-set price, it carries your order across the country and even across international borders. It makes sure that you get your package in the shortest possible time and at the most affordable price. 


What is a priority mail? 

USPS priority mail is a system of USPS to provide a quick and pocket-friendly way to deliver packages and mail to every location in the U.S and abroad. The delivery usually takes place within 3 days.

The USPS makes available two options of sending mail, first, based on weight and dimension, and second, a Flat Rate envelope. 

The priority mail often uses the Flat Rate Model. 

Priority mail vs. USPS first class mail

Among the regular mails (consisting of first, second, third, and fourth-class mail), first-class mail is a top priority and is used to ship letters, envelopes, and lightweight packages. 

But, the PRIORITY MAIL is USPS’s overall top priority and allows for far heavier parcels. It is faster, even across international borders, making the priority mail more expensive than First Class Mail. 

USPS Priority Mail Box

USPS priority boxes are packaging boxes provided by the USPS. Packages packed in these boxes indicate top-tier priority delivery and that these packages are to be shipped first. The advantage of using these boxes is that you do not need to worry about the weight and shipping costs because as long as your package fits inside these boxes or envelopes, you need to pay only the flat rate. The flat rate depends on the size of the box you want to pack your package in. 

Some important features of the priority mail service

● It is available 6 days a week

● The mail gets delivered within 1-3 days

● If you want the USPS to pick up your package from your home or your office, you can avail of these services absolutely for free. 

● No extra charges of any kind for fuel, rural, or Saturday delivery. 

However, if Saturday turns out to be a national holiday, the delivery can still be made for an extra fee.

What are the weight, size, and shape requirements? 

The maximum weight allowed is 70lbs (31.75 kgs) 

Whereas the  length and girth combined should not exceed 108″ (274.32 cm) 

Moreover, it has to be noted that the Flat Rate Envelope or Box’s container flaps should fold within the predefined folds. 

Where do you make this mail? 

You can make this mail from any Local Post Office. Another way is to hand your package over to the delivery man when receiving a letter, absolutely for free, provided you have made the payment for priority mail earlier. 

What’s the price range?

The price range starts from $7.41 for priority mail and $26.60 for priority mail express. You can calculate your cost of mailing from here

What are the things that you cannot ship by priority mail? 

The USPS has a guidelines policy to restrict or prohibit the mailing of a few items. Strictly prohibited items include Airbags, ammunition, ecolosi, gasoline, and Marijuana (whether medical or otherwise). 

Still, there are some other items, which are restricted. Which means you can ship these items with proper precautions. You can check these items, but we have put down a list of a few of the restricted items for your convenience. 

Aerosols, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, cremated remains dry ice, firearms, lithium batteries, live animals, matches, medicine and prescription drugs, nail polish, paint, fragile item, perfumes, glues, perishable items, hand sanitizer, poisons, and hemp products. 

Can you use the USPS priority mail service to ship to the military post office? 

Yes, of course, you can. And in this case, the domestic prices for the packages are applicable. However, you would require to fill up a custom form, and special restrictions will be implicated in the mail. 

Since the discussion about the military mailing service is out of the scope of this article, we won’t be talking much about it.

Which is cheaper? Using your box or USPS box? 

Simply put, it is always cheaper to use their boxes which they give out for free, and charge a pre-set price for your delivery. The prices are designed to cover the expenses of the box and the delivery charge incurred by USPS. 

Priority mail express

This is another service extended by the USPS. Here, you can send your package and get it delivered overnight. It is the fastest delivery service of USPS, but this service is only available for domestic delivery and restricts the delivery abroad. The package pick-up and tracking services are still free, and the list of mailable items is still the same as we discussed earlier. 

Tracking of USPS priority mail. 

The USPS priority mail and the USPS priority mail express can be tracked by entering your tracking number in the search bar and clicking “track.”


We have written almost everything you might need to know about the USPS priority mail in this article. We hope you have got all your questions answered. On our website, we have covered a lot of information regarding the USPS. If you don’t have a Registered address, you can opt for general delivery, in which you can take your package directly from your post office. We have an article on that; you should check it out. Signing off for now. And we will be back with another effective piece soon. 

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