Can You Pick Up A Package Before Delivery?

If you are tired of waiting for your package to arrive on UPS, you can indeed pick it up before time. Can You Pick Up A Package From Ups Before Delivery? In reality, you will be doing them a huge favor. 

However, picking up a package before time is allowed only in some instances, and we will be covering those in today’s article. 

UPS delivery starts at 8 AM. So if you want to stop UPS from loading your package on the day’s delivery truck, you have to call before 8 AM. Until 8 AM, all the drivers wait to receive the packages while the package is in transit and once it reaches to destination, It will be out for delivery.

Once you call to have your package before the delivery time, the drivers will simply not pick up the box from the center. Generally, the parcel reaches the customer counter once it opens. The time for that varies a bit. 


Receiving the parcel on the road:

In case you call UPS after 8 AM, and the driver has left, you can request an en-route pickup. In that case, you don’t have to wait for the driver to complete the day’s route before he/she reaches you. 

However, en-route delivery is always not possible. Most of the time, it depends on the receiver of the call. In some cases, your request might get declined. Security of the driver is one of the primary reasons to refuse this request.

If your en-route pickup request is declined, try to see if the driver can deliver your package before the scheduled delivery time. Your communication skills are crucial here. The better you convince the staff to speak to you, the better your chances of getting your request accepted.


Tracking with UPS MyChoice:

MyChoice service was debuted a few years ago by UPS. Using this tracking system, you can track all packages shipped through UPS Air Services in real-time.

The delivery truck’s position is updated every three minutes. From there on, it’s easy to know the location of your driver and track him down. 

Once you reach the driver, make sure you have some verification proof as the package owner. The driver may refuse to part with the parcel otherwise. Plus, you need to make the process quick. Most drivers are on tight deadlines, and every second could matter for a few packages. 

However, this method too is not without its drawbacks. Often, the package you are trying to track may not be on a particular truck shown on the map.

Packages are sorted after the scanning process and then sorted for different trucks. This tracking using the MyChoice app can be tricky. 

Store pick up:

If you are not aware of how UPS functions, know about this method in detail. For starters, when you call UPS to hold your package, the call is not to the UPS Store but the local facility.

The UPS Store is often owned by a small business person who has nothing to do with the expected packages. 

You can use the MyChoice app to route your parcel to any UPS Access Point in the delivery zone. Apart from the UPS Store, a typical Access Point has many other pack and ship stores. At times grocery stores and gas stations are also a part of the delivery zones. 

UPS Delivery Intercept: Pick Up A Package From Ups Before Delivery

This is one of the best services provides by UPS. Using this facility, a customer can interrupt the parcel at the last moment using the automated tracking system. You may want to change some details about the package before it’s delivered; with Delivery Intercept, you can get it done. 

Using this facility, a customer can do the following;

Return to sender:

If at the last moment the sender decides not to send the box or mail to the receiver, then using this service, he/she can intercept the package.

Will call:

With this service, you can hold the shipment of your package or mail so that the consignee can pick it up directly from the UPS office. 

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Reschedule Delivery:

If the sender does not want the package to get delivered on the scheduled day, he/she can intercept service to hold the package for some time or reschedule it for later delivery. 

Deliver to a different address:

At times, after sending a package, the sender might realize that it has been sent to the wrong address or the recipient’s address has changed.

In such cases, it becomes essential to stop the delivery and correct the address. The UPS Intercept service allows one to do that. 

Delivering a parcel at a virtual address:

If you want to deliver a parcel to a safe location free of porch pirates and unfavorable weather conditions, you need to deliver it to a virtual address. These are warehouse locations that have individual staff and 24/7 security surveillance.

The mail processing facilities of UPS are very dependable. Thus more than 10,000 customers rely on them for their delivery. Your package is placed in a safe mailbox, and an image from your virtual mailbox is delivered to you.

Once you are sure that the parcel has arrived, you can get it shipped to you at 80% retail rates or pick it up from the virtual location yourself. 

Many people are opting for delivery to their virtual mailbox owing to safety reasons, competent pricing, and a streamlined process. With this delivery system, you need not hunt down the UPS delivery person anymore. 

FAQs on Pick Up A Package From Ups Before Delivery:

Can you pick up the package from the UPS Distribution Center?

Yes. UPS allows customers to pick up packages from the distribution center. You can call the helpline number of your nearest customer center and get your package.

Can you pick up a parcel from UPS on a Saturday?

UPS is the only delivery service that operates on a Saturday. So the shipment scheduled for that day can be picked up a day in advance.

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