The USPS Package Says Delivered But Not: Solution?

How excited do you get when you see a notification or track your items and see that your packages are out for delivery. You wait impatiently for your package the entire day and then realize all of a sudden that the day is over, but the package never arrived. 

Well, you might check your notifications again and track your item, and we understand how frustrating it may get when you see that the USPS package says that it has been delivered already. 

So, what can you do if USPS Package Says Delivered but Not Here?

Here I have mentioned all the possible steps you can follow to save yourself from this manic situation. There is absolutely nothing to worry about; just keep reading to find out where you should start! 

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What to do when USPS says the package has been delivered but not here? 

Now, sometimes a situation occurs where the USPS may notify that your package has been delivered, but nothing of that sort has happened yet. Well, it’s not a very unusual situation, and sometimes actually that notification may mean that the package is yet to be delivered within 24 hours. 

There are many reasons why that happens, some of which we will be discussing below. 

One of the most common reasons is that the delivery of your package has been pushed along with certain other deliveries by one day and now lastly to save their time, they must have prematurely marked the package as delivered. These are technical mistakes that are quite common though they do not occur that often. 

You should make a few checkpoints before taking any further steps in such a situation. Below are some of the questions that you need to look into when such a situation arises. 

Ask your neighbors about it! 

We think the first step, in this case, would be to go and ask your neighbors first! It is very common for any shipping service delivery person to miss the address sometimes. Since the houses are closer, they tend to deliver the mail to your neighbors’ houses! 

This happens quite often in the case of mails, and it is most likely to occur with packages from time to time as well. So it would be a great idea to go and ask each of your neighbors one by one whether they have received any packages by mistake. 

Mostly your neighbors might not even realize that the package wasn’t supposed to be at their house, and maybe they hadn’t opened or unsealed the box yet! Well, you can go and ask your neighbors and get it settled. 

It is a common cause for the delivery person to keep the package at your neighbor’s house for safekeeping! However, it is only possible if you had earlier given any such instructions to the mailman. This is usually a common sight at condos or apartments and such. 

The moral of the story is to go and ask your neighbors about your packages. 

The USPS driver might have given your package to FedEx! 

It is a common sight for FedEx and USPS to be partners from time to time. Many times FedEx gives its packages to the delivery person of the USPS, and the same happens in the case of USPS. 

We wouldn’t be surprised if the USPS gave its packages to FedEx to deliver and must have notified you as your package has been delivered when it has only been given to FedEx to deliver. 

Sometimes a miscommunication between the delivery person of these two shipping services might even delay the arrival of your package for a day or two. And so, the delivery may be after a day of the notification that you must have received. 

As this case is a bit unique, it is advised to contact USPS customer care first! We are sure you will receive enough information to contact FedEx next. The customer care will most likely let you know that your package is in transit and will be delivered soon to you. 

The USPS might have hidden your package somewhere safe. 

When you are not at home, that is when the delivery person is confused about what they must do next. Now, as there are many porch pirates, the delivery person does their best to hide the packages they are supposed to deliver as safely as possible. 

The packages are kept at your front door and left there anymore. The packages are concealed somehow to keep them protected, maybe around the bushes or somewhere in the corner. 

Take your time to have a good look around the house or your garden and see if you find the package somewhere. It can be in your garage, mailbox, under any benches you might have. You have about most of the chances for your packages to be put in the mailbox. 

So next time you get any such notifications, go and check around your house first. 

Pro tips : 

If somehow checking that everything we have mentioned does not work out, try calling the USPS customer service. Since their lines are mostly busy, you may receive a late response, and you have a good chance of getting a faster reply if you email them. 

If even emailing doesn’t work out, it’s high time you call their US representative and get the matter sorted. 

We are ending our discussion by letting you know that we went through every small query you might have on the USPS, and it’s a problem with deliveries. 

We mention the step-by-step guide on how to retrieve your package and what to do when you do not find it anywhere nearby. We hope you found this article helpful and share it with your acquaintances who might find it useful. 

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