USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan: The Complete Guide

If you’re anticipating a shipment that should have arrived by now, you’ve started checking the tracking and discovered that it’s designated ‘awaiting delivery scan’ by USPS.

The United States Postal Service, like other carriers, has its set of delivery statuses. “Awaiting delivery scan” is one you might notice from time to time. This rank might imply a variety of things, some of which are superior to others.


What does USPS awaiting delivery scan mean?

“Awaiting delivery scan,” you’re hoping, implies the shipment is on its way to you or has been delivered but the database hasn’t been updated. When the postal worker fails to scan the goods, this can happen. It’s also possible that the USPS system isn’t updated to reflect that delivery has occurred.

This status could potentially mean that something has happened to stop the delivery. Perhaps there was a problem getting into your house, the mail carrier misplaced the package on their way, or there was much more mail and your parcel was pushed to the following truck. Due to the increased volume, some mail may take longer to arrive, causing numerous regions to double up on networks and people.

What you need to learn is that the Postal Service has received your parcel and has scanned it for delivery. Then something unexpected happened. It might be as simple as forgetting to scan the item during the Christmas rush, or it could slide between the gaps or get stuck behind other packages while driving.

Reasons why it shows ‘USPS awaiting delivery scan’?

The package has not yet been delivered.

Hence, if your package says “Awaiting Delivery Scan,” it’s because it’s in the hands of the mail carrier but hasn’t yet been delivered.

That is to say, it says that the carrier intends to deliver the package that day – or very soon – but they haven’t yet arrived at your home.

The Package has gone Missing

Another case where a recipient’s gift “dropped through the cracks” in the delivery van, getting covered under a seat or behind other packages, was discovered.

When a carrier scans a package and marks it as “Awaiting Delivery Scan,” the status can stay the same for a few days.

Regrettably, the receiver will have to wait till the package is discovered. It is, however, encouraging to realize that this does not necessarily imply that everything has been lost.

Although the package was delivered, it was not updated

Notifications are often mistakenly ascribed to a delivery that has already been delivered.

Postal workers scan the barcode on packages during their route and then physically update the status.

Since postal carriers are human, it’s simple for them to make a mistake or forget to update the status.

If you’re getting the notice because the delivery is late, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to hurry things up.

Note: Check if you get a USPS Processing Exception notification from the company. If so, then you should check this guide to understand what you can do the next.

What options do you have?

Here’s what you should do:

Look it up on the internet.

To view your package’s current location, go to the USPS website and input the tracking number on the “Track and Manage” page.

Wait for a few hours or a day

If the delivery is not completed, you should notify the supervisor of your local post office. This should assist you in determining whether or not they have received your package. You can also use the tracking number to find out where it is at the post office right now.

The supervisors can also check with the carrier to see if the delivery was made. If you have confirmation that it was delivered, you can inform the management to mark it as delivered.

The status will be updated, and the awaiting delivery scan on the USPS alert will be reduced.

To improve your chances of finding the item, check out your nearest post office as soon as possible after the estimated delivery date.

Make a claim.

If the delivery has never been completed because the parcel cannot be found, the sender can register a claim on the USPS website. Select “Filing a claim” from the “Help” menu.

The shipper should read all of the details that will aid in the claim’s completion. They can then proceed to the bottom of the page and click “Start an Online Claim” to begin the claim procedure.

So what is the Difference Between a ‘USPS Awaiting Item’ as well as an ‘Awaiting Delivery Scan’?

When you place an order online and your item(s) will be mailed to you, the company that you ordered from will notify USPS that they are prepared to send your package.

Even if they don’t receive your package yet, USPS will use the tracking number issued to identify it as ‘USPS awaiting item.’ It indicates that they are waiting for your product to arrive before shipping it to you.

The ‘awaiting delivery scan’ merely means that your parcel is on its way to the driver and will be scanned once it arrives.

Please remember that shipments frequently skip scanning but are nevertheless delivered to the intended recipient. When a driver leaves a package at your door or hands it straight to someone, it’s not uncommon for them to fail to scan it.

How Long Will It Take USPS To Scan Your Package?

The time it would take the USPS to scan your box is entirely dependent on many factors, including package volume.

As a result, the more parcels in a distribution warehouse or on a mail truck there are, the longer it takes to scan them all.

So, on some days, scanning an item may take only a few seconds, while on others, if there is a bottleneck, it may take hours or days.

In addition, if your package’s status has changed from “Out for Delivery” to “Awaiting Delivery Scan,” you’ll have to wait while the postal worker completes their task.

Remember that the courier may neglect to change the delivery status even after your package has been delivered.

Is it possible to deliver a package without having it scanned by USPS?

The answer is Yes, a package can be delivered without being checked as delivered. However, the label on the package could still say “Out For Delivery” or “Awaiting Delivery Scan.”

Although the Postal Service takes every attempt to maintain package scans up to date, human error is always a possibility where people are involved.

If you’re concerned about this, you’ll probably just have to wait a few hours or till the end of the day to find out (which for the Postal Service is 5 p.m.).

The package’s status should be changed from “Awaiting Delivery Scan” to “Delivered” by then.


Your shipment may not have been scanned if you received this alert recently. It’s also possible that the delivery was canceled owing to a mix-up.

If you haven’t received your package, you should contact USPS or your nearest post office immediately. You can register a claim online if the package is not delivered.

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