USPS Article Number: The Complete Guide

As one of the leading postal service providers, USPS makes sure that its customers have the access to every tool to attain smooth shipping.

One such tool is the USPS Article Number. It is one of the vital elements of the USPS services and is very crucial for a customer.

However, you might not be fully aware of what an article number is or where to find it and how to use it to your benefit; especially if you are new to USPS. But worry no more! This article is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to know about USPS Article Number.

So, let’s get started without further ado!


What is an USPS Article Number?

USPS Article Number is another name for USPS Tracking Number provided to all the customers to help them track their packages during their transit through their online portal or via their mobile phone.

The USPS Article Number plays a significant role in identifying the actual owner of the package and the address of the recipient through their personal information provided at the time of purchase.

Additionally, It can be used to check the payment status and the current location of the shipment.

The USPS Article Number assigned to each package booked with their services is always unique to avoid any kind of confusions or miscommunications.

Where to Find the USPS Article Number?

It is usually found on the package itself, just below the barcode on the sticker attached to the shipment.

 However, there are other places too where you can find the USPS Article Number such as.

  1. The Mail Receipt that is send to you once you book your package with USPS
  2. Post Office Shipping Receipt if you booked your item with the local post office
  3. Email Confirmation if the package is booked online via USPS Website
  4. Sales / Insurance Receipt in case the customer buys Insurance at the Post Office
  5. USPS Tracking Label, at its bottom
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What’s the Use of the USPS Article Number?

The USPS Article Number can be used for various purposes which makes it crucial information both for the company and the customers.

  1. It records the owner’s personal information
  2. It identifies the actual owner of the package
  3. It allows for the unique identification of each parcel
  4. It provides the details of the payment status
  5. It tracks the current location of the package
  6. It provides the updated delivery status of an item
  7. It helps to know the delivery date and time
  8. It comes handy while contacting the Customer Support

For this exact reason, an USPS Customer must keep their Article Number safe with them.

How does USPS Article Number Works?

For the ones who are eager to know how their unique USPS Article Number works to provide them with their best services, here it goes.

  1. At first, the 250 Processing and Distribution Centers of the USPS sort and process the mails.
  2. All the centers, situated all over the US, carry out the sorting and processing works individually.
  3. Interlinked with USPS’s national network, the centers use an automated system to sort out the mails they receive.
  4. Every mail is then printed with a specific barcode and assigned a unique article number.
  5. The article number is then used to track the package’s location and determine the way it’s heading.

And that’s how the USPS Article Number receives its identity and works to track your package.

How to Track Package using USPS Article Number?

How to Use USPS Article Number

Tracking your package through the USPS Article Number is very simple. You can track it either through their official website or via your mobile phone.

Tracking through USPS Official Website:

To track your parcel through the official website, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the USPS Official Website

Step 2: Click on the Tracking bar above

Step 3: Enter the USPS Article Number in the blank space

Step 4: Click on the Track button

You will now be able to view the location details and the delivery status of your package.

Tracking Via Mobile Phone:

You can use three different methods to track your package using your mobile phone.

Via Test Message:

To track your parcel using text message, send an SMS to 28777 with your USPS Article Number.  

Via Phone Call:

To track your item via phone call, dial 1-800-222-1811 and give them the USPS Article Number.

Via USPS Mobile App:

You can also track your shipment by installing the USPS official mobile app on your iPhone or Android device by entering your USPS Article Number in the tracking space.

What to do if you Lose your USPS Article Number?

Since the USPS Article Number is such an important thing, you must be wondering what you should do if you lose your USPS Article Number. So, here we are with a few solutions for you.

  1. Check if you have received any confirmation email from USPS for the package. You will find your article number in that email.
  2. Contact your store provider and ask them to resend the tracking details along with your article number.
  3. Check for the number at the back of the shipment slip that you received from the USPS.
  4. Check for any other documents you may have received when booking your package with USPS and see if you can find the article number there.
  5. Contact the USPS Customer Support and ask them to help you find your article number.

However, if you cannot find your article number even after following all the above methods, you would just have to wait for a little for the package to be delivered. Hence, it is always advisable not to lose your USPS Article Number in the first place. 

Consider writing it down or typing it out on your phone or perhaps taking a screenshot or clicking an image. It will ensure that you have a backup if you lose the original document with the article number.


So, that was all the information that a USPS customer should know regarding USPS Article Number. The company always tries to attain complete customer satisfaction with its tools and services. It is the customers’ responsibility as well to know how to access their tools and utilize their services. Hope this article managed to do just that. Happy Shipping! 

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