Talk To A Real Person At UPS – 4 Reliable Sources

Do you want to talk to a real person at UPS? Or What are the sources to get humans on call at UPS?

Thanks to the advent of technology and bots, our lives have become much smoother and faster. So much has been the advancements that things get done by just shooting orders! 

Be it cars, household chores, or shopping, everything is dominated by tech. However, even when we have bots making our lives easy, sometimes we need a human touch. 

To that end, even though every service in UPS is automated, talking to a live person should help. 

But the question is, how? We have the answers right here! 

To begin with, start by calling the toll-free number 1-800-742-5877. This number is viable to both domestic and international customers. In case you are facing any problem with your mail or package, you can reach out to UPS on the weekdays

Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM EST. UPS operates on Saturdays so you can call them between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM on that day. Sunday UPS is closed.

The representatives are very helpful and can help you out with tracking shipping and other services you need. 


Steps to talk to a real person on UPS via call:

Call the toll-free number:

Call the number mentioned above. However, in case it does not work, you need to find the local toll-free number from  

Automated message:

Once you get the line, you will get an automated message sharing standard greetings. The automated voice asks for the call’s purpose. Simply mention “Agent” at this time. 

You can also press “0”.

You will hear a short pause before receiving another automated message. This message will ask for the information you seek to transfer your call to the right agent. Say “Agent” again or press “0”. 

This time, your call will be transferred to a live agent. 

Note: Since UPS’s entire process is automated, talking to a live person there is very difficult. Thus you need to follow the instructions carefully. 


If you cannot reach a live person at UPS via call, you can try emailing. 

In case you need a UPS customer service agent to get in touch with you, you can simply email them.

Of course, the response to an email will not be as quick as a phone call, but you need not go through the entire automated message cycle to reach a live agent. 

To email, UPS customer service visits the email page on their website. 

Following this, you have to select the nature of your complaint. This can be:

  • Billing
  • General
  • Receiving a parcel
  • Sending a package
  • Tracking
  • Technical support

Reaching a virtual assistant:

Though human contact is essential for us all, UPS has set up its services so that you do need not talk to an Agent to sort out your problems. 

There are many options to send and get packages, each with a backup plan. You can resend a package, intercept one, reschedule a delivery, pick it up from the nearest access point and do a lot more. You can check UPS Working Hours from here.

Even if complications arise, they can be solved through simple FAQs with the virtual assistant. The bot is placed right on the support center page for easy access. 


It might always be not possible for you to stay at home to receive your essential package. There can be a family or work-related emergency that requires your attendance. So, what do you do under such circumstances? 

UPS service includes emergencies under its purview as well. So, even if you are not at home, you can give delivery instructions and also track your package with voice and text commands over platforms like:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Skype 
  • Facebook Messenger

Setting up chatbots:

Google Assistant: The UPS option is available in the Explore section. 

Amazon Alexa: Reach the Alexa Skill Store and switch on the UPS skill. You can use the Voice command to do this too. 

Facebook Messenger and Skype: Search for the UPS bot and set the instructions. 

After you have UPS on your device, you only need to ask the right questions. Having a UPS bot on your phone sorts a lot of issues. You can get updates about your package, release authorization about your shipment, provide delivery instructions, and much more. Overall, the entire process now lies at your fingertips. 

Best practices to follow before calling UPS customer support:

  • Make sure you are calling the correct number, to begin with. Since there are multiple numbers, each with a different use, it’s natural to get confused. 
  • While calling, have all your documents right in front of you. This should include the tracking number, receipts, invoices, or any previous communication between you and UPS. Besides, these have the name and address of the shipper and receiver in case you need it. 
  • Finally, have a pen and paper handy if you have to jot down the information provided to you. 


How to talk to a live person via call on UPS?

Call 1-800-234-1121, and you will hear an automated message. Following this, press 0 and 0 again to reach the next available customer service agent. It takes approximately ten minutes to contact a customer service agent.

What sort of issues can a UPS customer representative resolve?

There are some tasks that a UPS agent cannot conduct. For instance, you need to print out a label for physical shipments and then drop the labeled parcel at the UPS collection office. In case your package is somehow damaged, you will have to bring the damaged goods home personally to assess it before making an insurance claim.

Is it worth talking to UPS customer service?

UPS has a good reputation for providing quality customer service. In most cases, the company delivers the goods on time and in proper condition. Calls too are answered quickly, and the representatives are friendly and helpful. However, reaching out to customer service agents during peak delivery hours takes longer waiting time.

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