UPS Weekend Services: All You Need to Know

This guide will cover everything about UPS weekend services and its working hours. It’s working with limited operations.

Ever since the rise of the e-commerce sector, the significance of delivery services has increased by multiple folds. In providing these delivery services, one of the pioneering companies around the world is UPS. UPS was founded in 1907 and is in operation for more than 100 years. The amenities of the company are available to both enterprises as well as individuals.

UPS has been serving many industries, including but not limited to Automotives, Aerospace, Defense, Government Agencies, Healthcare, Technology, Retail, and Consumer Goods. 

Some of the services of UPS are Cargo Airline Services through UPS Airlines, Trucking operations through UPS Freight, UPS first-class package international service through UPS Airlines, and UPS Flight Forward for delivery through Drone Airlines.

In this article, we are going to focus on the Weekend services of UPS. We will share everything from the eligible parties to the permissible products for the weekend services. Know the complete information about the Weekend Shipping Services and start enjoying quicker delivery of your parcels.


What is Weekend Services with UPS®?

UPS recently launched a weekend service option where customers get the choice of getting their parcels even during the weekends. This service saves the time of waiting for two extra days when you can avail of the delivery on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The highlight of the service is that it is available for free of any additional costs. It means that you can now receive your parcels two days earlier by paying the same price.


This service is available for both businesses and individuals, which means both the pickup and delivery services are available during the weekend. Currently, this service is only available in the top 100 metro cities of the USA. 

This selection of cities has been made based on the amount of baggage the city receives domestically and internationally. This list will in the future extend to cover all the cities in the USA.

UPS Weekend Services for Businesses:

The UPS Weekend services for Businesses allow you to restock your products or dispatch customer orders. This service will facilitate an easy arrival of goods or send off of customer orders. 

With the seven days a week services for business, there will be faster delivery of customer orders. It will be an advantage to any business as quicker delivery will encourage more future sales.

What are the different products eligible for delivery on Saturdays?

UPS will deliver Ground Residential packages with a 1-3 days transit period and Three Day Select Residential packages on Saturdays. This delivery service is available in the selected cities along with the UPS Package car pickup services. The deliveries will arrive during the regular business hours followed on the weekdays.

 How to avail pickup and delivery options on weekends?

 For allowing pickup on a Saturday, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your business’s UPS account.
  2. Select the Pickup Options screen and expand it.
  3. Find the ‘Request a Saturday driver pickup’ option. This service is currently available in 100 major cities in the USA. The option will appear if your office is in any of these cities. 

For requesting delivery on the weekend services, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the UPS website.
  2. On the delivery page, enter the delivery location and desired delivery time.
  3. The weekend delivery option should be visible in the relevant field if your delivery location qualifies for a weekend shipping service.

 UPS Weekend services for Individuals: 

The weekend delivery services from UPS are a big blessing to customers across the country. By availing of these services, they can now receive their parcels two days in advance. 

Sometimes the difference of a day or even a couple of hours can become a deal-breaker in many situations. Also, the availability of these services at the delivery costs applicable for weekdays makes them even more favorable. 

What are the different products eligible for delivery on Weekends?

Residential packages with a time-in-transit of 1-3 days and UPS Three Day Select residential packages are eligible for delivery on weekends. The UPS Air and International residential packages will also be available for weekend deliveries. UPS, in its partnership with the USPS, has been delivering residential services to consumers.

How can you manage the delivery of your packages with UPS?

Giving their customers a faster and more efficient delivery experience is the goal at UPS. That’s why the company has several different initiatives that let you control the delivery of your parcels. Here are three ways you can handle the delivery of your goods:

  1. Weekend delivery of packages:

While placing a delivery order, you can select the option to home deliver on weekends. With this delivery option, you have the choice of picking the time of arrival of your parcel, whether it’s weekdays or weekends. 

  1. Freedom to accept delivery at desired location:

UPS My Choice lets you decide the time and place you will receive your parcel. A notification will inform you about the en route and status of the package. If you are away from home, then you can redirect the delivery to an alternate location.

  1. Option to pick up the parcel at any Access point:

UPS also has an Access Point pickup that allows you to pick any of your parcels from their access points. There are more than 1000 convenient access points located across the country. These spots function at extended hours throughout the week, allowing easy drop-off of your parcels.


Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, faster delivery of parcels will save everyone’s time. From a business perspective, this will enable you to send the products to the customer much faster. 

It’s a known fact that people, in general, are more inclined to shop and recommend a store that performs a timely delivery of their purchases. It also reflects in the reviews and ratings of the e-commerce business. 

So any company choosing the UPS Weekend services is inclined to make profits with faster delivery of goods.

Similarly, from a consumer point of view, the speedier the delivery of goods, the quicker they can be consumed by their ultimate user. When it comes to consumable food items or other sensitive objects such as medicine, the delivery time impacts the product’s life. 

To sum it up, faster delivery is beneficial to both individuals and e-commerce businesses. By availing of the UPS weekend services, you can make sure that your packages will always reach you before time.

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