UPS SurePost: Here’s What No One Tells You

All e-commerce businesses look for inexpensive, trustworthy, and fast shipping solutions. To that end, UPS SurePost is a service to look into. 

UPS SurePost is a contract-only service available to all retailers. The service is ideal for shipping orders that weigh less than ten pounds, along with a tracking facility. 

This is a super reliable service that picks up packages from the post offices and delivers them directly to the receiver’s doorstep. In the USA, shipment can be sent to all the forty-eight contiguous states using this service. Additionally, the service is also available in Puerto Rico, military territories, PO boxes, and other US territories. However, unfortunately, the service does not extend internationally. 


Benefits of UPS SurePost:

Cost Saving:

One of the primary benefits of this service is its reduced shipping rates. By pairing with UPS, the shipper can avoid the residential delivery charge and the destination area’s surcharge. As a result, they get a cheaper last-mile delivery. 

Tracking facility:

UPS does offer shipment tracking facilities besides USPS. Once the tracking number is live, you and your client can track the number on the website right until it is delivered. The best part is UPS SurePost provides a single tracking number. In other words, there is no need to change the tracking number between UPS and USPS.

Seven-day delivery:

That includes the weekends too! While the regular UPS service does not operate on weekends, with UPS SurePost, your clients can get weekend deliveries. Plus, Saturday delivery does not come with any extra cost. 

Delivery to PO boxes:

The UPS SurePost will operate anywhere in the United States, including PO boxes. However, traditionally the UPS does not include PO boxes. But if partnered with USPS for local delivery, SurePost reaches anywhere one wants it to go. 

Delivery timings:

The transit time of UPS SurePost is the same as FedEx SmartPost. It’s typically between 2-7 days. Since SurePost pairs with USPS local delivery, the actual delivery time will sink with the mail service. For more info check UPS Working Hours: 7 Things You Should Know

Steps to use the UPS SurePost:

Before you can use this service to ship around orders, there are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Select a profile, and the shipper
  • Mention the origin and the destination address of the package
  • Specify the dimension and the weight of the package
  • If applicable, mention service and endorsement types
  • Enter the reference number
  • Select subclass if available
  • Mention the package ID
  • Provide special instructions if any
  • Click the Process Shipment button and get printouts of the SurePost label

If all the above pieces of information are fed correctly, it becomes easy to track and trace the package should it go missing. Before printing the label, do mention if the shipper bears the transportation cost or the receiver. In case the parcel is not delivered, refer to the Return Services shipment option. 


The process to track UPS SurePost:

The service provides an integrated tracking number in conjuncture with USPS. Once this number goes live, it becomes easy to monitor the shipment status through delivery. Other delivery services like FedEx require a different tracking number, however with USPS, in the last mile of the delivery journey, the service lets the customers use a specific UPS SurePost tracking number. 

UPS generally requires a signature before a package is delivered to the provided address. If it delivers to the wrong address then you can follow this guide. However, with UPS SurePost, that is not needed. That means that the packages are delivered effortlessly to the listed address on the very first attempt. 

If there is no one available to receive the package at the delivery address, the mailman leaves it in a safe place within the address. This can be the side door, front porch garage area, or the back porch. Following this, UPS sends an InfoNotice to the customer indicating the location of the package. 

How much time does it take for SurePost to deliver? 

For many online businesses, timely delivery of orders is the cornerstone of the company. UPS SurePost not only meets that demand but also provides a lower cost for the service. However, the resulting service quality remains excellent. 

UPS SurePost delivers between two-seven days and also operates on the weekends. 

Who should use UPS SurePost Services?

Though UPS SurePost offers a lot of benefits, it’s not ideal for every business. Thus before using this service, one has to find out if his/her business benefits from this service. The decision will help one choose whether they will benefit from UPS SurePost or Ground Service. 

UPS SurePost service is ideal for the following types of business:

  • One that ships a large number of orders over a week
  • Shipments that are not urgent
  • The last-mile delivery charge is rising
  • Access to a weekly spend that allows the business to negotiate

Merits and demerits of using SurePost:

Like any other shipping service, UPS SurePost also has its pros and cons. Understanding these helps you make an informed decision:


  • Offers no-cost Saturday delivery
  • Enhances weekly spend
  • Less shipping charges
  • Unified package tracking possible
  • It can be integrated easily into all shipping software


  • Delivery time can be slow
  • Services outside the forty-eight contiguous US states is not available
  • The service does not provide boxes for shipping
  • Unified tracking leads to confusion at times
  • Provides limited shopping cart support

Comparison with other services:

There are multiple comparison points in relation to other services. For instance, with UPS Ground Residential, e-commerce, one can save up to $3.12 due to price variation with UPS SurePost. 

Like in FedEx SmartPost, users do not have to switch tracking numbers in the last-mile delivery while using UPS SurePost. 

Finally, while other services put an additional charge for weekend deliveries, UPS SurePost does it for no extra cost. 

Charges for UPS SurePost:

UPS SurePost is perfect for handling all non-urgent residential shipments that need to be delivered without incurring huge rates. 

The charges of the service depend on the following four criteria. 

  • UPS SurePost Less: Parcels weighing less than 1lb and 130″ in volume
  • UPS SurePost 1lb or more: as the name suggests, this is for delivering heavier packages, but the volume should not exceed 130″ in volume
  • UPS SurePost Print Matter: This service is for sending books and other printed materials.
  • UPS SurePost Media: This is for delivering packages weighing less than 05 lbs- 70 and is limited to binders, medical binders, and films. 

So opt for UPS SurePost after going through its details and perks. 

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