How To Cancel PO Box?

PO Box stands for Post Office Box. It is a lockable mailbox that is usually located at a post office station. If you live in a place where mail delivery services aren’t available, or you want to avoid mail being delivered at your home, then you can rent a PO Box to collect your mails. 

PO Box respects the privacy of the users and safeguards their mails. It is a premium paid service that uses either lock and key or a combination system for its operation. Once your PO Box receives its mail, you will have a fixed time accessing the box and acquiring your possession. Though, some offices do provide round-the-clock services too.

Rented PO Box services are very convenient and beneficial, especially for those who aren’t at home most of the time. However, if you still want to cancel your PO Box subscription, you can request the Post Office to do so. There is a specific format to subscribe for as well as cancel a PO Box. It can be done both online or offline at your convenience.

Since the prime key of a rented PO Box is to provide security and privacy to its user, canceling a PO Box subscription isn’t a trivial matter. However, modern technology makes it possible for you to cancel your PO Box online. Needless to say, it is far simpler and less time-consuming than offline paperwork. Still, you may have to visit the office even after your online cancellation to hand over the keys and vacate your box. You can also avail of the refund procedures depending on the office policies.

And, in this article, we will cover everything that you need to know to cancel your PO Box subscription successfully. So, just hop on to the journey.

How To Cancel PO Box


Reasons for Cancelling a PO Box

Before we dive into the procedure of canceling a PO Box, let us first dwell a little bit on the reasons for canceling a PO Box.

Both the renter and the service provider can decide to cancel a PO Box. 

When the owner voluntarily decides to cancel their PO Box, the reasons for that may be.

  • Relocation
  • Service Dissatisfaction
  • Ceased Requirement
  • Payment Issues

When the Post Office decides to terminate the use of PO Box, it is usually an involuntary action taken against the renter for any of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of Rental Fees
  • False/Misleading Information in the Application Form
  • Bad Handling of the PO Box
  • Damaging the Key
  • Irregular Collection of Mails

So, if you wish to cancel your PO Box yourself, then it’s okay. But if you want to keep that subscription, you must avoid the above cases to save yourself from the automated cancellation. 

If you wish to keep your PO Box Subscription, then—

  • Pay your rent
  • Fill your application form correctly
  • Do not damage your PO Box or its Key
  • Be punctual in your mail collection

And you can continue to enjoy its services.

How to Cancel a PO Box

Now, coming to the key point of our article, you can cancel a PO Box either by online or offline method. Let us cover both the procedures one by one.

Online Cancellation: 

Online cancellation of your PO Box subscription is very simple if you have an account to manage your PO Box. You can make your online cancellation request through your account.

Just follow the simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the postal service.

Step 2: Click on Manage Account.

Step 3: Go to Renew or Manage section.

Step 4: Login by filling in the required credentials.

Step 5: Find the place where the details of the PO Boxes are given.

Step 6: Click on the Close or Cancel PO Box option.

Step 7: State the reason for canceling your PO Box subscription.

Step 8: Agree to the Disclaimer.

Step 9: Confirm your cancellation.

Step 10: Click on the Close PO Box button.

After you initiate the cancellation process, the Post Office will initiate the refund procedure as per their policies. The refund will be made within 5 business days to the same bank account you used to pay your rent.

The Post Office will offer you 10 days grace period within which you will have to visit the office to empty your PO Box and hand over the key to them.

Offline Cancellation

If you are not quite adept with online cancellation, you can simply go for offline cancellation of your PO Box as well.

Here are the steps to cancel your PO Box offline:

Step 1: Visit the Post Office personally.

Step 2: Ask for the concerned person to guide you with the cancellation procedure.

Step 3: Answer a few questions for verification.

Step 4: Give a written consent for canceling your PO Box.

Step 5: Do the required paperwork.

Step 6: Empty your PO Box and hand over the key.

Step 7: Wait for 5 business days to receive your refund money.

The Difference in Refund Policy for Online and Offline Mode

The refund policies of the Post Office are different for PO Box cancellation through offline and online modes.

You do not receive the refund of your key deposit for online mode, but only if the other unused services. You can avail of a full refund only if your PO Box has not been activated yet. But even in that case, only 30 days is given. However, if you have paid a half-yearly or yearly subscription, then you will receive a refund of that amount.

For offline mode, you receive a refund of your key deposit. This is one of the biggest advantages of offline cancellation of PO Box. And since you have to go down to the Post Office in both cases, it is better to opt for offline cancellation to save a few bucks. Else, if the online method feels more convenient, you can opt for that too.

NB: Before you ask for a refund, make sure that you are eligible for a refund in the first place. Most probably, you will be able to check their policy on the website itself. Visit the website and check out the details before you apply. Otherwise, visit the Post Office and talk to the person concerned with handling the refund procedures.

FAQs on How to cancel Po Box

Since canceling a PO Box isn’t a trivial issue, we reckoned that you might have a few more doubts regarding the same. So, have a look at these FAQs to find your solution.

Q.  Can a PO Box subscription be paused instead of canceled?

A:  No, unfortunately, you cannot pause the PO Box rental services. You can either use them or cancel them altogether.

Q. Can PO Box be transferred instead of canceling them and applying again?

A: Yes, that can be done. You can transfer your PO Box by filling out an application form without paying any additional charges.
Renting PO Box to get your mails delivered when you aren’t at home is a convenient, safe, and popular service nowadays. Still, if you are unwilling to handle your PO Box, you should always wind it off properly. So, please request a PO Box cancellation procedure when you feel you no longer want to avail of the service, instead of just waiting for your rental period to expire. 

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