UPS vs USPS: Who Is Better?

Are you wondering which one is better? Looking at UPS vs USPS comparison, it is quite challenging to answer as both of them provide quick domestic and international shipping services.

However, they differ in some aspects like the delivery speed, package size of the delivery, and the shipping cost.

How to know which one to choose? You simply need to analyze your requirements and choose one which can fulfill them to a maximum extent. The first thing is your budget which will be the major deciding factor, followed by many more, which we will be discussing in this article.

Do not go anywhere! This article is going to be your ultimate guide as we will be talking about both UPS and USPS in detail so that you can decide which one suits your purpose well. So without making you wait any longer, let’s get started!


UPS vs USPS: What is the difference?

Before moving to the difference, let us take a look at the basic information about UPS and USPS.

UPS which stands for United Parcel Service is the world’s largest courier company. This company is publicly traded and provides other services, such as freight forwarding and logistics services. It started its journey in the year 1907, and it is currently present in Georgia.

On the other hand, USPS, which stands for United States Postal Service, is a completely autonomous agency of the U.S. Federal Government. It is mainly concerned with postal services such as the delivery of letters or small-sized packages. USPS is currently based in Washington D.C. and was founded in the year 1775.

Now, talking about the differences, we will be taking all the major factors under consideration. This comparison will help you decide which one to choose for your business or any other purpose.

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  • Size and weight of the shipment- USPS is generally concerned with the delivery of small-sized packages and mails, and it is very strict about its limitations on the size and weight. On the other hand, UPS delivers large-sized packages throughout the world.
  • Speed of delivery- Both UPS and USPS are capable of providing overnight delivery. However, in this case, USPS gets an edge over the UPS because of the USPS Priority Mail, which requires a delivery time of about two days which is less than the average delivery time of UPS Ground which is around 3-5 days.
  • Price- If you want to ship small-sized packages, UPS can be an expensive option, and you should go for USPS as it can do the work equally well at a far lower cost. However, if the packages are heavy and large, then you should prefer UPS over USPS as that will be much more economical.

That’s all about the major differences between UPS and USPS. We will now discuss the differences between the most popular services of UPS and USPS, and those are UPS Ground and USPS Priority, respectively.

Comparison between UPS Ground and USPS Priority

We have already mentioned that these are the most significant services of the two couriers. So now we will quickly take a look at the major differences between them.

Tracking Facility:

You already know that a tracking facility is critical in international shipments as it gives a sense of security to the user and makes the service much more dependable. In this aspect, USPS is not so reliable as reported by several customers.

However, it is constantly updating its tracking feature to come out of the defamation as soon as possible. But UPS is well known for its excellent tracking services and is much more reliable compared to USPS.


Okay, so talking about the speed of delivery which is one of the major concerns for most of the eCommerce companies, USPS Priority gets the upper hand. This is because USPS Priority can deliver the package within two to three days.

But UPS Ground can require up to 5 days to deliver the same package. So if you want your parcel to be delivered fast, you should always go for USPS Priority Mail service.

UPS Services:

UPS offers a range of services that are not only cost-effective but are also accurate. What are they? Let’s see!

  • UPS Ground- This is the most inexpensive service provided by UPS. However, it may not be the perfect option if you have any time constraints. The time of delivery can vary from 3-5 days.
  • UPS Express Critical- Now this is the fastest shipping service provided by UPS. Moreover, this service is available throughout the day. But all this comes at a huge cost which makes it an expensive option.
  • UPS Next Day Air- From the name, it is evident that this service helps deliver the package on the very next working day.
  • UPS 2nd Day and UPS 3rd Day Select- Okay, so if there is no emergency, then you can opt for this option wherein the package will get delivered on the 2nd or 3rd business day depending upon the choice made.


  • Tracking options are dependable.
  • Delivery options on the same day and the next day are available.
  • Delivery on Saturday is possible.


  • Expensive for small-sized packages.
  •  No free pickup.
  •  Charges applicable on weekend delivery.

USPS Services:

Like UPS, USPS also offers many services for customers who are fast and efficient. Let us take a quick look at some of them!

  • Priority Mail Express– It is available throughout the week, and it is the fastest service.
  • Priority Mail- One of the most affordable options for lightweight items and requires an average delivery time of 1-3 days.
  • Retail Ground- This service is especially useful for heavier items without any kind of time restriction. It is also one of the most affordable services.
  • First Class Mail- It is specially designed for small parcels and mailpieces. Delivery time ranges between 1-3 business days.
  • Media Mail- Highly advised for sending education-related media of low weight. The delivery usually occurs between 2-8 days.


  • Most suitable for lightweight packages.
  •  Accurate delivery at a lower cost.
  •  Many free packaging options are available.


  • The tracking facility is not reliable.
  •  Not an ideal option for the delivery of heavy packages.


Finally, we would like to say that both UPS and USPS are the pioneers in the field of international and domestic shipping. It is, however, your job to find out which one is better for you and suits all your requirements. This article is packed with all the valuable information which is required to choose one among them.

So that’s enough for today! We will be back with another very interesting article. Hope this article helped. Thank you for reading!

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