UPS Tracking Is Not Updating: What to do?

All excited, you are waiting for your parcel to get delivered, but suddenly you notice that the UPS Tracking is not updating. This is annoying, right? We can understand your problem, and we are here to provide you with some information regarding this topic. So what to do when the UPS Tracking is not updating? Stay tuned to find out!

UPS is well known for providing a vast range of services, including the ‘Tracking System’. This system genuinely helps the users and companies trace their parcel at any point of the journey to get a clear idea about the shipment status. For using this service, you just need to have the tracking number, which is generally provided to the customers to keep a track record of the product.

However, sometimes there may be some error in the entire process, which results in the display of a notification “UPS Tracking is not Updating”. In this article, we will be providing you with a one-stop solution so that you do not need to spend hours on the internet to find a way out. Moreover, we will also look at the probable reasons behind this error in tracking your parcel. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started!


Why is the UPS Tracking not updating?

We know that you are curious to know about the exact reasons behind this, but it is pretty difficult to state the definite cause. There can be various factors causing an error in the update, and we will be going through them one by one.

● The major reason behind this is when the people working at the UPS office forget to scan the parcel. You might already know that scanning is an essential part of the entire delivery process, so any kind of hurdle in scanning will undoubtedly hamper the tracking system.

UPS generally waits for about 14 hours, after which it sends a message to the customers or business companies. Most of the time, the parcel is moving in the right direction, and the users should wait for 24 hours before taking any step.

● The following reason can be unpredictable weather changes like heavy rainfall or thunderstorms, which can also have a drastic impact on the delivery and scanning procedure, ultimately affecting the tracking system.

● Another probable cause is the issue with the vehicle involved in carrying the parcels. The breakdown or puncture can cause a delay in delivery and scanning.

● Last but not least is the barcode which is of colossal importance whenever a parcel is moving across two destinations. If there is any damage to the barcode, then it can also be a potent reason behind the failure of an update in the tracking details.

What to do if your package does not arrive?

Now you know the major reasons behind this error in the update, and it can take a sigh of relief even if it takes longer than the estimated delivery date. However, precisely you can take certain steps after receiving the notification of no update of tracking details.

First of all, we will advise you to wait for another day after the approximate delivery date. Even after that, if the package does not arrive, then you can file a claim about the misplaced parcel. After this, UPS will try to trace your package, which can take up to 10 days. Once UPS finds out about the parcel, it will send it to the user as soon as possible. On the other hand, if it fails to do so, they will ask for some more information about the package and find it.

Finally, if UPS fails to find your package, they will either ask for a replacement or pay you the amount of money as compensation.

FAQs on UPS Tracking is not Updating

1. Where should you track your UPS shipment?

This can be simply done with the help of your cell phone or PC by just entering the tracking number on a UPS Website or by using the UPS Phone Number, UPS My Choice, or by SMS tracking. You can use any of them to stay updated on your shipment status and be assured about its safety and security.

2. How long does it take for UPS to update tracking?

UPS is generally very fast in providing tracking updates. This is usually done after scanning the barcodes, which are typically supplied with the labels of the parcel. This is a great way to know the exact location of the parcel. However, if there is any kind of fallacy in the scanning of the package, it can delay the update of the tracking details. In this case, you can always contact UPS customer care and get your answers from a trusted source.

3. How much does a UPS tracking cost?

Okay, so this is one of the most commonly asked questions, and you will be glad to know that UPS does not charge any extra amount for providing this excellent service, and it is free.

4. Why is the UPS tracking number not functioning properly?

There can be two major reasons behind this. Firstly it can be due to the improper scanning of the bar code, and the next reason can be that the parcel has not been picked up by the carrier yet. 


We hope this article helped you learn a lot about the UPS tracking system. We have tried to provide you with a clear idea of this entire process and how you can deal with the errors in delivery and scanning, which ultimately leads to a delay in the update of the tracking details. 

That’s it for today! We will be back with another article trying to answer all your queries and help you make your experience better. Thank you for reading.

Shipping guy at USPS, previously at Fedex.

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