USPS Tracking Down: The Solution

USPS is a globally acclaimed postal service committed to bringing the best mailing services to its customers. Among their various policies that make shipping easier are included in their tracking service. USPS Tracking Service serves to take the delivery worries off your back as you can always track your packages to know exactly where they are during the transit. 

However, despite their best efforts, USPS suffers server errors sometimes. In addition, certain technical difficulties render the USPS Tracking Tool inaccessible to the users. 

During those times when the user tries to track their packages through the USPS website, they can receive a message like: “This service is currently unavailable”. There is nothing to panic about in such situations, as often these are just some temporary errors that get solved quickly.

So, the best solution is to wait for some time and then try again. But if the USPS Tracking Down problem persists for a long time, it’s better to check whether it’s the USPS that is suffering a breakdown or whether the problem is with your computer or internet. 

Ensure that you check your current status and map and refer to other reports and complaints to come to a solid conclusion.

And, there is always something you can do to seek out the solution yourself and overcome your problems. So, here we are to suggest a few of such solutions which you can try when you face any tracking problems with USPS.

Usps tracking down


USPS Tracking Down: The Solutions

It’s true that USPS sometimes suffers a tracking down outage, but sometimes it might be some errors with your computer that deny your access to the website. So, here are a few things you can try to identify where the error lies and check whether it’s with your computer/internet.

Browser Cache

The problem may occur due to browser cache. You can solve this by deleting the cache to access the current version of the page. To do this, you can press the key combination Ctrl + F5. It would refresh the page in the browser and solve your problem.

Access Blocked

Sometimes it may so happen that your access to the official website of USPS has been blocked altogether. To solve this problem, try clearing your browser cookies. If the problem persists, consider changing the IP address of the computer.

Antivirus or Firewall Blockage

Sometimes the antivirus or firewall installed in your computer can block your access to the USPS website. First, check if antivirus software like McAfee or Kaspersky is blocking your access to the site.

DNS Cache

The DNS Cache on your computer can also hamper your access to the site. Consider clearing your DNS Cache and trying once again to access the website.

Browser Plug-ins

Browser plug-ins like AdBlock extensions can sometimes block the content of a site. First, check if that is the problem that is denying you access to the USPS website. If so, then find and disable the plug-ins which are causing the disruption.

If none of these solutions solves your case, then consider contacting a Tech Support Specialist.

USPS Tracking Problems:

USPS sometimes faces certain issues that lead to its tracking problems. The issues are often temporary, but you need to be aware of them.

Carrier Not Found:

This problem arises when the shipper carriers have not properly scanned your package. It can be solved by contacting the post office where your parcel was scanned.

USPS Tracking Down:

The USPS tracking systems may sometimes be down due to some server error or database problem. However, it is a rare phenomenon and usually gets solved within a few hours or a few days.

Barcode Unscannable:

USPS tracks your package by using the unique barcode that it attaches to every parcel when it’s ready for shipping. Once USPS gets the barcode, it will scan it and track your package for you.

Transporters Delay:

This error sometimes occurs during public holidays that delay the scanning of the package at the time of transition. And since USPS cannot track your parcel unless it receives the scanning details, so there might be no updates available on their tracking system for the time being. 

Tracking Number Is Not Updating

Sometimes the reason behind your tracking number is not updating because of USPS tracking down the error. But more often than not, it’s a scanning error. So, you must find out what exactly is causing the error.

Every deliverable package has a unique tracking ID and a barcode that needs to be scanned before the transit to track the parcel on its way. So, if there is an issue with the scanning process, it might lead to tracking errors. 

Some Usual errors:

  • package not getting scanned at the post office, 
  • scanners not downloaded, 
  • damaged tracking label or delayed scanning at some point in the transit, etc.

These incidents affirm that the shipping status will not be updated to the new data that will aid you in tracking your package.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your parcel is lost in transit or will not reach its destination. It just means that you are not able to see where your package is currently. The best solution would be to contact your nearest post office and gather information about your package.

USPS Website Down

If the USPS Website is down, you will face the USPS track down along with it. But there is nothing to panic about, for you are probably not alone in this. There will be a lot more customers along with you who are facing the same problem. And USPS is most definitely trying everything it can to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Problems like USPS Website Down or USPS Tracking Down arise mostly from technical difficulties, database problems, or server errors. In such cases, you usually face the issue of the system being unresponsive or stating that the system is busy, out of service, or currently unavailable.

This issue usually solves itself automatically. But suppose you wish to resolve the issue from your end. In that case, you can try the solutions like clearing browser history, deleting cookies, or removing the data slowing down your search.

Conclusion on USPS Tracking Down

USPS is a proficient delivery service provider that always tries to put up its best performance when serving its customers. Still, they falter at times with their outage, leading to USPS tracking down and other errors. But no one has any control over technical difficulties. With the immense pressure over USPS to serve so many customers simultaneously, their server or database is bound to face breakdown issues sometimes. 

The best thing that we can do during such a crisis is to stay calm, wait for the problem to get solved, or resolve it ourselves. The solutions offered in this article work the best in such a situation, and if the problem persists, you can be sure that USPS will get it solved shortly. There is no use in panicking over such temporary problems like USPS tracking down. They simply don’t last long ever.

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