USPS Global Express Guaranteed: What You Should Know?

USPS offers one of the fastest deliveries with minimum error. But human nature is all about wanting more security, even if they have the best. So to stand at par with the users’ expectations, USPS offers the Global Express Guaranteed service, which is the fastest USPS international shipping option.

However, that’s not the only thing, and there is much more about it.

So in the next section of this article, we will discuss the USPS Global Express Guaranteed service in detail, followed by its features and requirements. We will also take into account the most common questions regarding this service. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look!


What is USPS Global Express Guaranteed?

In the preceding section of this article, we have already mentioned that it is the fastest international shipping service provided by the USPS. Generally, the shipments are delivered in 1-3 business days to about 190 countries. So if you want your parcel to reach the destination in a short time, then this service is what you need right now.

Moreover, it takes a single night for the deliveries to the majority of the places in Canada. Sounds interesting, right? The best part about this service is, it provides you with all the information about the delivery of the shipment like the exact date of delivery and a money-back guarantee. Overall it is one of the best shipping services provided by the USPS in terms of both speed and accuracy.

This is all about the USPS Global Express Guaranteed service in a nutshell. In the next section, we will be dealing with the basic requirements of using this service. These are like the terms and conditions you have to follow to get the best out of this service.

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Basic Requirements

There are certain limitations in the weight, size, and shape of the parcel to be delivered in international deliveries. Similarly, in the case of global express guaranteed service provided by USPS, specific requirements should be strictly followed to avoid any hassle. But what are those requirements? Let us find out one by one!

  • The maximum weight of the parcel cannot exceed 70lbs.
  • Next, talking about the dimensions, the maximum allowed length is 45 inches, maximum height is 46 inches, and the maximum breadth is 35 inches. The maximum integrated length and width can be 108 inches.
  • These restrictions on the weight and size of the parcel can vary depending upon the country.

Highlights of USPS Global Express Guaranteed

Okay, so after knowing enough about the basic details of this service, we will be talking about its major features. Before using this service, these features are absolutely essential to know. Moreover, these features make it unique and reliable for users who require emergency service. So what are those features?

  • First of all, it is the fastest international shipping option provided by the USPS, which generally requires 1-3 business days to deliver the shipment.
  • It ensures customer satisfaction by providing the exact delivery date so that you do not have to worry about the package and let USPS take away all your stress.
  • The next important thing is the money-back guarantee which you get as an advantage while using this service provided by the USPS.
  • It ships to a large number of countries, about 190. So if you think that the recipient’s location is hard to reach, think again! USPS will surprise you in this aspect.
  • Whatever may be the destination, you can always track your parcel. Tracking is one of the best features of USPS deliveries, and you can use them to know the exact location of your parcel so that you can be sure that the shipment is secure and it is not moving here and there.
  • The shipment may get a free package pick up in some cases. Moreover, this service also includes up to $100 insurance.
  • Besides all these things, the user will get a free shipping kit which will involve envelopes, labels and stickers.
  • Last but not least is the price which depends on several factors like the weight, dimensions and the distance it covers before reaching the destination.

FAQs on USPS Global Express Guaranteed

1.  Can customers use their packaging for the USPS Global Express Guaranteed service?

Yes, customers can certainly use their packaging. However, it is highly suggested to use the GXG packaging, which is quite impressive and creates a good image of the sender upon delivery. Moreover, it is free of cost, which is another supporting factor. Furthermore, the customers can also request the nearest post office for free shipping supplies.

2.  What is the difference between USPS Global Express Guaranteed service and Global Express Mail?

Global Express Mail takes 3-5 days to deliver the package to international locations without providing the exact date of delivery or tracking facility. On the other hand, USPS Global Express Guaranteed service delivers the package in 1-3 days to international destinations and also ensures a date-certain delivery besides providing the tracking details.

3.  Is carrier pickup available for the USPS Global Express Guaranteed service?

Yes, customers who purchase this Global Express Guaranteed service from the official website of the USPS can request a carrier pickup service. But before that, they also need to request a pickup for priority mail or express mail service.


To sum up, we would like to say that it is one of the best shipping services provided by USPS. Mainly the date-certain delivery and the money-back guarantee make it unique and reliable. Moreover, the tracking facilities help you know every detail about the package’s location during the entire journey.

That’s all for today! We hope this article helped. Do not forget to look at other articles on our website to know more about the USPS delivery system. We will be back with another fascinating article. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you for reading!

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