Lost UPS Tracking Number: What to Do?

Are you expecting a UPS package and facing a situation of lost UPS tracking number? Or unreceived tracking number? Either of these is a deadly situation. But chill down! We will talk about the methods to track the UPS package without a tracking number.

Being in a busy world and connected with social media, we catch up with everything online. Whether shopping or watching movies, we do almost all of it on our smartphones.

In that case, your mobile will certainly be loaded with junk notifications, causing a central message like ‘UPS Tracking Number’ to be less focused.

Before sliding into the solution for your problem, let’s catch up with the basics first. 


What is a Tracking Number? 

A tracking number is a unique UPS identity used to track the shipment of a package. The code or the number consists of 18 characters and starts with 1Z. UPS uses a variety of different formats for the tracking number. However, they will let you know via mail or text message if you’re the package receiver. 

How do we receive the UPS tracking number?

The package sender will receive the UPS tracking number on the confirmation of the shipment. If you’re the package receiver, as said, UPS will directly send you the tracking number.

Or the shipper has to send you every detail with the tracking number. However, tracking the package shipment with the UPS tracking number is not the only option; we’ll discuss the alternatives in a while.

How to Track a UPS Package with Tracking Number?

Track a UPS package by visiting Further, enter the provided UPS tracking number in the given space. Within seconds, the package’s location will display on your screen.

For further more details on shipment, signup on the site. Or just login in case you’re an existing user. 

Update the required details in the logged-in profile and opt for the email notification service. In doing so, you get every update regarding the shipment and arrival of the package. Also, the website offers a facility to type 25 tracking numbers to track every package all at once.

Unable to Find or Lost UPS Tracking Number – The Solutions

In such situations, you might be clueless about the status of the package’s arrival. No worries, try the alternatives shown below.

Contact UPS service

The one-step solution is to contact the courier company to enquire about the details of the package. Follow the simple steps to do so:

● Visit Read the FAQs to clarify any doubt or try using virtual support.

● Or else, click on ‘Customer Support’ at the top bar.

● Scroll down to find two phone numbers, one for domestic and the other International.

● Call them, enquire about the details you need regarding the packages. 

● Inform them about the lost UPS tracking number and acquire it for your reference.

Besides, UPS also offers virtual assistant and email support. Check the UPS website for more information.

Contact the Package’s Sender

On your call with the support team, they’ll mention everything regarding the package. But what if they didn’t receive your package at all? Again don’t go in a panic state, instead act accordingly:

● In no time, contact the sender and enquire about the package. 

● If the package is not sent yet, wait for the sender to send it. 

● But if the sender has sent your package, wait for the package to be noticed by the courier service. 

● Later you will receive its UPS tracking number.

● With the tracking number, track the package’s location and its arrival day.

If the problem persists, reach out to UPS customer support and wait for the issue to be resolved. Update the same to your package sender as well.


Track using UPS InfoNotice

Track the location of the package with the UPS InfoNotice effortlessly. If the UPS driver fails to deliver the package, the UPS InfoNotice will be sent to you.

The UPS InfoNotice helps:

● To track the location of the package. (without the tracking number)

● To know the delivery details.

● To instruct the UPS driver to leave the package at your doorstep or the nearest UPS Access Point.

On receiving the Info Notice from UPS, proceed with the following:

● Visit and enter the 12 digit-number stated in the UPS InfoNotice at the provided space. With this, the site displays the location of the package.

● Request the delivery date to get the package redelivered to your location.

● Or else, pick-up the package at the UPS access point by yourself.

Before reaching the UPS access point, take the required ID proofs. And avoid unnecessary confusion. 

Track via UPS My Choice for Lost UPS Tracking Number

UPS My Choice helps to track every inbound shipment conveniently. If you’re signed-up in UPS My Choice, you’ll never need the tracking number. Every detail regarding the shipment of the package will be automatically updated to you. UPS My Choice is applicable for both sender and receiver.

Additional Features: 

● With UPS My Choice (standard), easily instruct the UPS driver regarding your location. (The standard version is free)

● Upgrade to the premium membership, the paid version to unlock additional features. Which also includes changing the delivery address and more.

● With UPS My Choice for home, track the location of the package with a live map. Just by selecting ‘UPS Follow My Delivery.’ 

● Avail of the particular UPS My Choice Business tools with ease.

● UPS My Choice gives you controls over every inbound and outbound shipment.

● Rely on UPS My Choice to get updates on every package shipment automatically.

In case you’re a shipper, encourage your clients to sign up for UPS My Choice. Avoid your customers to stay in tension while waiting for their packages. 

Track with Package’s Reference Number

Take advantage of being a shipper who can assign a reference number while placing a shipment. Use the reference number to track and avail of the information on the package. Follow as instructed:

● Visit

● Select ‘Track by Reference Number’

● On the given space, type the reference number.

● Go on, fill in every pop-up.

● Click on the ‘track’ option. The package’s location and shipment details will be instantly displayed on your screen.

Reference Number will help you if you’re not signed up with UPS My Choice. In any complicated situation, contact the UPS support team for help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No option available to change my delivery, what to do?

A few senders inform UPS not to allow any changes in the delivery. The only way to resolve the problem is to contact your sender. UPS cannot countermand without the sender’s knowledge.

The status of the Package shows ‘Out for Delivery.’ But the Package has not reached the destination yet. What to do?

The package will reach the destination before 9 pm or on the next business day. During the holidays, the package delivery might be delayed more than normal. 

How to cancel the delivery of the package?

Contact the sender of the package, talk about the cancellation of the order. At the sender’s request, UPS will cancel the delivery. But note the cancellation is possible only before the first delivery attempt. 

What is the process to submit a claim?

Report any damage to the package via the online submission section. Uploading pictures of the damaged package is optional, but doing so might help UPS.

On receiving the report, a UPS inspector will reach the destination to resolve the claim. Also, you can contact your sender to request a claim from UPS.


We hope, by the content, your problem of lost UPS tracking number has been solved successfully. So stay optimistic and track any package easily without the tracking number.

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