UPS InfoNotice: Here’s What No One Tells You

UPS InfoNotice is a type of information memo left on your doorstep by the UPS driver to notify you that a delivery attempt has been made. There is nothing to worry about if you return home to a UPS InfoNotice. 

It just means that the UPS service missed you while trying to deliver or pick a package, so they notified you to know what you want to do with it. It’s a great tool used by UPS to ease your troubles if you miss their service.

So, if you receive a UPS InfoNotice, at first read, it carefully to know what’s exactly, they are trying to notify you about it and take your actions accordingly. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about your UPS InfoNotice and handle the situation gracefully. 

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USPS Infonotice


How to Read UPS InfoNotice

First and foremost, you are to check your UPS InfoNotice to find out the check-marked boxes. The below information provides you with the detailed meaning of the boxes that appear on the UPS InfoNotice. Have a look to know precisely what they are trying to notify.

We Will Try Again on the Next Weekday

This notice means that UPS will attempt another delivery next weekday (Monday to Friday) unless it’s a holiday. So, try to be available on that day to receive the parcel. But if you are not, then follow these steps.

  • Visit UPS Official Website
  • Click on the Tracking tab above
  • Enter the InfoNumber on the box provided
  • Select Change Delivery on the Tracking Summary
  • Select Choose Another Delivery OptionChoose the option which is most suited to you from the list of the choices provided.
Check: UPS delivery facilities on Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

Your Package was Left At

You get this message when the UPS delivery man leaves your package with a neighbor or at a designated location as instructed by you through your UPS My Choice membership. This message will also inform you of the exact location where the delivery man has left your parcel to help you find it easily and quickly. 

We Attempted to Make a Pickup

This box will be checked when UPS misses their pickup service with you. They attempt up to three times to pick a parcel, but you can request them for another attempt even after they have made their final one. Or better still, you can take your package yourself to the nearest UPS drop-off location to make sure that you don’t miss another pickup.

This was Our Final Attempt

This box is checked on your UPS InfoNotice when UPS has missed its delivery attempt more than once and has exhausted its final attempt as well. So, if you get this message, you will have to visit the Tracking tab on their website to let them know what you want to do about delivering your package.

Your package (s) will be available for pickup at a UPS Access Point Location

This means that your package will be delivered to the nearest UPS Access Point Location for you to collect at a convenient time within 7 days. 

Below this message, if box Today is checked, then it means that your package will be delivered to the location on the same day. And if the box The Next Weekday is checked, then that means that it will arrive at the location on the next day, unless it’s a holiday.

You can either track your parcel with the InfoNumber or scan the QR code on the InfoNotice to ensure it’s available for pickup. You would be required to bring a government-issued photo ID with the last name and address that match those on the package.

Someone must be Here to Accept Delivery and Sign for your package (s)

This is when the delivery calls for a signature in person. So, there must be someone present to receive the package and sign for it. If it’s not possible and you want to opt for UPS to leave it with your neighbour, then you will have to follow the instructions given at the back of the UPS InfoNotice. However, you cannot avail of that option if the package requires an adult signature.

We can leave your package (s) the Next Weekday if you Sign the Back of this InfoNotice

This is the case where you cannot be at home during the delivery, but you don’t mind the UPS leaving your parcel at your doorstep. So, you can sign the back of the InfoNotice and leave it at a place for the UPS driver to notice and deliver your package.

Your package (s) has a COD. Due

This means that your package was ordered with the condition of Cash on Delivery, which is why you owe a payable amount to UPS. You will have to pay the required money to your driver to have your package delivered. You can pay via check, certified check or money order. For more payment options, you can always visit the website and choose from the Tracking tab.

Your package (s) has a Brokerage COD. Due

This box will be checked if you have to pay the delivery driver by check or credit card.

UPS InfoNumber

UPS InfoNumber is an essential part of a UPS InfoNotice that attaches an identity to your package. Above the barcode, you will find an InfoNotice number provided to aid you in tracking your returned parcel. 

Not only that, but you can also use the InfoNotice number to reschedule your delivery, arrange a pickup, return the shipment or have it delivered to another address. 

Now, if you wish to avail any of the above options regarding your package delivery or give any specific instruction to the UPS, follow these steps

Step 1: Visit the UPS official website.

Step 2: Click on the Tracking tab.

Step 3: Enter the 12 digits InfoNumber on the empty field.

Step 4: Press the Track button to go to the Tracking Summary page.

Step 5: Click on the Change My Delivery option.

Step 6: Select your preferences from the list of available options

Step 7: Click on the Next button.

Step 8: Complete the form with some additional information as required by UPS to proceed with your request.

Step 9: Check for mistakes before clicking on the Finish button.

Step 10: Print the confirmation page that would be mailed to you by UPS.

Note: You will be required to pay an additional amount as a service charge if you want to access the delivery options: Deliver to another address or Reschedule Delivery.  

Importance of the UPS InfoNotice

The importance of the UPS InfoNotice is three-fold. It helps you to:

Track Your Package

With the InfoNumber provided on the UPS InfoNotice, you can track your package on their official website.

Find Delivery Details

The checkboxes on the UPS InfoNotice provide you with all the delivery details that you need to know to have your package delivered.

Release Your Package

If you read the UPS InfoNotice carefully, you will know the next steps you need to take to release your parcel and get it delivered.

UPS Services are always looking for the best methods to put their customers at ease. UPS InfoNotice is one such method that releases you from the pain of panic attacks every time you miss their service.

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