UPS Ground Shipping: 5 Reasons Why People Love

Shipping and handling packages are not as easy as it sounds. With shipping, people trust you with their important things to deliver from one place to another.

This guide covers everything about UPS Ground Shipping. It may be an article with some emotional attachment, important documents, or an urgent package that needs to reach its destination at the earliest. Handling all these packages is a sensitive issue. If even one package is misplaced or does not reach its destination, it can cause many losses.

This is why you should trust only the best when it comes to shipping and handling packages. There are different types of shipping services available all around the world.

There are different modes of shipping, like shipping through the air, water, or land. All these modes have different time durations they need to deliver your package. 

You can choose the one based on your requirements. Although shipping by road may seem to be the slowest of all, there are different facilities to expedite this process. One of these is the UPS ground shipping services. 


Ground shipping is the most affordable way

One of the major advantages of using the ground shipping method is the amount it saves you on shipping charges. Although it takes more time to deliver your shipment as compared to other modes, since it uses trucks for transport, it saves you a lot on fuel costs that airlines and train shipping services usually charge. It also a good method to save on international shipping. 

  • As the name itself suggests, ground shipping takes place via road.
  • Shipping via road reduces the cost by a significant amount, especially for domestic deliveries. 
  • Freight services carry out ground shipping, so all the transportation is through trucks.
  • This service is also helpful for international shipping.
  • Even if goods are transported through air or water, ground shipping still remains the mode of transport for the last mile delivery.

What is UPS Ground Shipping?

It is a mode of shipping packages via road. However, some characteristics that distinguish it from standard shipping can be summarised as below:-


UPS Ground Shipping combines the benefits of shipping via rail or air with the budget of shipping, and hence it is fast becoming popular as the most preferred mode of shipping. Some of its advantages are:-

  • It is very cost-effective.
  • It is a day-definite mode of shipping.
  • It helps you deliver your packages on time.
  • Whatever be the location, it can deliver within 1-5 business days.
  • You can find out the date of delivery using UPS Ground Map.
  • Since you know the time it will take to deliver your package, you can plan your shipping accordingly.
  • You can track your shipment.
  • It provides customer support in case of any shipping error or delays.

UPS Ground Map

It is a unique feature of UPS Ground Shipping that sets it apart from other standard modes of shipping via road. It can be used in the following way:-

  • It is the tool to determine the date of delivery of your shipment.
  • It shows the number of transit days based on the destination of the shipment.
  • It is an online service.
  • You are required to enter the locations of pick-up and delivery of your shipment, and the map will give you the date of delivery.
  • It covers cities in both the United States of America and Puerto Rico.

Tracking your UPS Truck

It is always good to know about the position of your package and how far it is from the destination. It not only helps you ensure that your package is not lost in the transit process. Some other benefits include:-

  • UPS Ground Shipping allows you to track the truck carrying your shipment.
  • You can track it throughout the transit period.
  • It also offers live tracking.
  • The system updates the location every two to three minutes.
  • A tracking facility is available to both signed-up members and other users. 

Difference between standard shipping and Ups ground shipping

There have always been varying opinions about the better mode of shipping between standard and ground shipping. The differences and similarities can be summarised as follows:-

  • Both shipments take place over the ground, but there are subtle differences.
  • Ground shipping has better availability as compared to standard shipping.
  • Ground shipping allows you to track your packages at all times.
  • Ground shipping covers all 48 states of the United States of America.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should one choose UPS ground shipping when there are other faster modes of shipping?

ground shipping. The only thing you need to ensure is that the item is not illegal.
Other benefits include fewer delays in delivery due to weather conditions, which is usually the case for shipping through air or rail. UPS ground shipping also offers pick-up and doorstep delivery, saving you the inconvenience of dropping off your shipment to the delivery center yourself. Lastly, the tracking facilities they provide are primarily accurate and reliable. you can only get some benefits by using UPS ground shipping because it allows you to transport almost any kind of item through ground shipping

How long does it usually take to deliver packages through ground shipping?

Delivery by this mode usually takes 1-5 business days based upon the location of pick-up and delivery. However, there might be slight delays if there are any unavoidable circumstances. 

Whom can you contact in case of any delays in delivery?

UPS ground shipping facilities usually offer an efficient method of grievance redressal. Since you have access to track the truck that is carrying your shipment, you can contact customer support if you notice any irregularities. The companies also follow a strict policy to ensure you do not suffer any losses due to delay or misplacement of your package. 


Thus, UPS ground shipping is an efficient and secure mode of shipping your packages. With these services, you can always rely on the service providers to deliver your package on time and save you any hassles, providing you a convenient experience throughout.

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