UPS Delivered to Wrong Address – What to do?

What to do if UPS delivers your parcel to a wrong address?

Often, while using the UPS delivery service, you may notice that the UPS website’s tracking system is not matching the actual delivery process.

This happens especially during the busy seasons or if there are backlogs. Additionally, it’s not surprising that your package might get UPS delivered to wrong address under such circumstances.

Fortunately, there are a few ways by which you can retrieve your precious misplaced package, and we will discuss those today. 

How to get back a misdelivered parcel? 

  • If the UPS driver has delivered the package, then the tracking status or delivery note will show where the package was delivered. If the package does not require the receiver’s signature, the driver may have left it in some safe spot around the house. In case the delivery was successful, the package may have been reviewed by one of your neighbors. 
  • The driver may also have dropped the package off at an alternative location. In that case, you will receive a notification from UPS IndorNotice that your package has been delivered to that location. Neighbour’s house and leasing areas are two of the most common places of leaving the package. Thus is advisable to check in the alternative address and with your neighbors before filing a complaint. 
  • Drivers often leave the package wrapped in a plastic bag during harsh weather conditions. So check your property, including areas around your porch, garage, and garden. However, if you don’t find your package after a thorough search, you must initiate a UPS trace process. 
  • In such situations, the sender is mostly able to reconfirm the tracking and delivery information. Use the information the sender provides from him/her end to double-check with UPS. 
  • The information you gather will help you know where your package was intended to be delivered. This will also show whether or not the sender had the correct address,, to begin with. You can track the entire delivery cycle of the package even if it has reached the wrong location. 


Who to call in case of a missing package?

  • In case you need to call UPS to recover your missing parcel, your first call should be 1800 P-I-C-K U-P-S. Once you reach the bot, press 0, follow the instructions, and soon you will be speaking to the operator. Once you have the agent on line explain the situation in detail, don’t leave out any information. 

Note: The person speaking to you is mostly never responsible for your package gone missing. His/her job is to gather all the information to help you navigate the UPS logistics to locate your parcel. So getting angry and frustrated with them rarely helps.

  • Have the tracking number and the address to which the parcel was delivered. They will take in this information and call you back with further details. 
  • Please provide them with a call-back number that is available with you throughout the day. UPS does not give a call after business hours (6 PM to 8 PM). However, they might reach out to you after business hours if they have tracked your package in exceptional cases. 

Filing a claim:

  • Once you have spoken to a UPS agent, it’s a good idea to wait for a few days for the package to be delivered to you. However, do not wait for more than a week. File a claim with UPS. 
  • To file the claim, you will have to reveal the package’s monetary value, including the shipping cost. You may be asked to provide the receipt, and from then on, your refunding process begins. 
  • The refunding process takes time. It takes a few months before your refunds can be sent. However, even though the time frame might be longer, you are sure to receive the amount if so has been promised by UPS. 

What to do if the wrong package is delivered to you?

  • In case you get the wrong package, reach out to UPS as soon as possible to send the parcel to its rightful owner. Start by finding out the shipper’s name and address from the parcel. 
  • Even if you know the parcel’s rightful owner, do not deliver it on behalf of the shipping company. You should reach out to UPS first and explain the situation to them. They will know how to proceed. Someone from UPS will come to pick up the parcel. 

No matter what you do, do not hold onto a misdelivered parcel, like you; someone else is also getting frustrated over losing their package. 

Since there are high chances of misdelivery of packages, more and more people are opting for delivery in a virtual location. These are real addresses that receive your mail on your behalf and upload images of the package’s interior and exterior. In other words, like an email but for paper mails. 

So use the virtual mailbox facility to avoid losing or misplacing your package. 

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