UPS Complaints Procedure: How to File?

Want to know the complete UPS Complaints Procedure? Then you are at the right place.

Surely you are familiar with the big brown trucks with bright yellow logos. These are the UPS service vehicles loaded with packages and envelopes. Over the years, it has become a common sight in most cities of the USA. 

People use the UPS service daily; thus, it’s essential to know how to get your complaint registered and looked into if you lodge any. 

If you want to register an issue or lodge a claim, the UPS claims department is your first stop. 


Complaining to Customer Service:

If you have any complaints to register, your first call should be to Customer Care at 1-800-742-5877. Back this up with an email to the Customer Service Department. 

However, if your complaint pertains to a particular driver or incident, talking to the local UPS manager is ideal and leads to better results. Once you call, speak to a real person, request a call back from the manager. 

Starting the claim process for UPS Complaints Procedure:

Both the sender or the package recipient can complain to UPS if the package goes missing or delivered to the wrong address. But before you get to that, it’s advisable to check thoroughly around your residence. 

Often, delivery boys leave the parcel in a dry spot instead of the front door owing to rain. Do check with the neighbors as well. 

Your last resort is to issue a claim. You can also submit a request for a damaged package; however, UPS suggests, in this case, the sender should initiate the claim. 

It’s also possible to claim the shipping charges if the package was delivered outside (for the paid-for delivery window package). Please keep your damaged package safe until the issue is resolved.

Unfortunately, the claim process is lengthy. First, the claim must be registered with UPS on their website. Once on the site, you will have to feed as much information as possible about the missing package and the tracking number. In case of a damaged package, submit photos of the same to strengthen your case. 


Role identification: 

While you are registering your complaint with UPS, the company will want to know your relationship with the package in question, i.e., your role. You can be:

Shipper/sender: The person who sent the package in the first place

Receiver/ Consignee: The person who received the package or for whom the box is for. 

Third-party: Someone other than the receiver or sender who has an interest in the package. 

The representative appointed by the shipper: A person who presses the claims on behalf of the shipper. 

Claim processing:

UPS takes ten days to resolve a claim. In case you don’t hear from them within ten days of lodging the complaint, contact the customer care department again.

However, if you are claiming after a hectic season like Christmas, it’s advisable to give some more time before contacting customer service again. However, do not wait for a long time. 

A claim for damaged goods takes about 15 days to process. Make sure you strengthen your case by providing supporting documentation. These can be recipients, invoices, purchase orders, and other documents about the merchandise. 

If you are filing for a loss claim, select the box saying, “I have supporting documentation to describe the contents of the package(s).” This box appears on the Shipment Details page in the package content section. 

If your claim is for a damaged box, select the box saying I have photographs to support my damage claim.” This appears on the Damage Inquiry page. 

Note: Once your claim is issued, you will need to file for payment and upload payment documents. For this, select the View Detail link on the dashboard. The Claim Detail link will appear. Select the Upload Payment Document link. This will take you to the Add Claim Documents screen. Upload your payment documents on this tab.

While filling out the merchandise description section, provide every detail possible. It includes but is not limited to the brand name, product details, color, serial number size, and quantity. 

As mentioned earlier, photo documentation works well for damaged goods. So provide the same of the original box, cushioning, interior, packaging materials, shipping labels tracking numbers BMC and the box’s dimension. The photos can only be submitted in the following format:

  • .JPG
  • .JPEG
  • .TIF
  • .TIFF
  • .BMP
  • .PDF
  • .DOCX
  • .PNG

Things that make the filing with UPS complicated:

  • Though UPS guarantees a full refund for parcels they have failed to deliver on time; the claim process is subjected to many conditions. You can check working hours here.
  • You have to submit the claim in writing or through a phone call within 15 days from the scheduled delivery date. The receiver’s name, address shipping date tracking number, and package weight must be mentioned with the claim. 
  • The money-back guarantee is unfortunately not available for all parcels under the UPS undertaking. You have to check the validity of your claim. 
  • Along with all the documents mentioned above, you need to submit labels under UPS’s Guide to Labelling. 
  • All destinations are not included under the money-back guarantee. Check your claim validity.
  • If your parcel requires added handling, you may not get a refund. 
  • The parcel in question must be tendered to UPS before the stipulated time frame. Ensure the same by checking the timestamps. 
  • For international shipments, required documents by the country of origin, or destination must be provided to support your case
  • If the parcel included a Saturday delivery route label, it must be included

Even after meeting all these checkmarks, the most painful part is that the process is not automated. Besides following all the mentioned guidelines, you have to follow up with the authorities and wait for your refund, even though it’s rightfully yours. 

If that’s not all, with finer-print conditions, UPS can still reject your claim for a refund. 

Not only is the entire process taxing, but it is also time-consuming. 

A smarter way of doing it can be using a third-party automated tool to press your refunds and claims. You only need to integrate the tool in your shipping operations, and the rest is taken care of. 

In case you are successful in getting your refund, your payment claim is sent to the address registered with UPS for the shipper. If the EET option is selected, the money goes straight to the bank account provided. 

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