UPS Change of Address: How to do it?

UPS Change of Address: Safer package shipment and speedy delivery is a prominent factor for every courier service. Almost every day, one or the other ships their package. The procedure of the shipment starts by submitting information on the destination.

The main one to be furnished is the destination address. Filling the right address for shipment can avoid disruption, but what if it goes wrong?

Confusion may arise, rendering delay in the package delivery. The problem might be due to the incorrect address or incomplete address.

Whatever it may be, never push yourself in stress. It does happen to everyone. And when it happens to you, you have to resolve it in no time. For your convenience, we have come up with ideas to resolve your problem.


UPS Change of Address for Package

The situation surely will frustrate you. Nevertheless, you gotta solve it! So, positively opt for the methods to employ address correction as shown below.

Redirect Delivery: 

UPS offers a feature to request on change of delivery. Opt for the feature to change the original address. 

Options provided to Change of delivery:

  • Reschedule
  • Return to sender
  • Will call
  • Redirect

To change the destination address, opt for the Redirect option. Here is the procedure:

● Visit

● On the given space, type the provided tracking number.

● Click the ‘track’ option.

● The shipping summary displays on the screen with the ‘change delivery’ option; click it.

● Select ‘Redirect delivery’ and enter the new address.

● Make the payment as requested.

● Finalize the details and click the ‘finish’ option.

The redirect delivery option shows up only after the first delivery attempt. A fee will be charged for requesting an address change before it gets delivered to the original address.

Approach UPS Customer Support:

If you feel confused, approach the UPS customer support team. They’ll instruct you clearly. To reach out to them:

● Navigate to the UPS official website.

● Click on the ‘Customer Support’ on the top bar.

● Scroll down the page and contact the team by either of the phone numbers.

● Or else, go for the more contact option.

● Reach out to the support team via your regional phone number or send a mail.

Inform every detail and request for the address change. Hopefully, your problem gets solved. We have listed different sources to talk to a real person at UPS.

Contact the Package Sender

In case the sender hasn’t sent the parcel yet. It would be easier to simply inform the change of address. But if the package has been sent, the sender has to act accordingly:

● The sender has to request UPS for a change of delivery.

● Demand for the return of the package.

● Or else reschedule of delivery must be requested.

● Necessary payment must be made on applied charges.

The sender has to cooperate with the UPS support team to establish the required changes. And follow every instruction they provide. It all goes simple!

Change the Address with UPS My Choice

Make use of the UPS My choice to change the address and even every detail of the package. The process is quite simple. Simply follow these:

● Register with your details and sign-up or log in as an existing user.

● Navigate to your profile.

● Update the correct address on the provided space.

Additionally, UPS My Choice offers amazing benefits. To build up your online business, upgrade to the UPS My Choice business service and acquire profit.

UPS Change of Address

How to Intercept a UPS Package?

UPS merely offers the customers the freedom to make changes on the in-transit packages. Use the benefit at the right time to correct the erroneous address. Either the sender or the package receiver can opt to intercept the UPS package.

Ways to perform interception of the package:

● Interception via online UPS site.

● Interception via call with the UPS support team.

The Cost to Intercept a UPS Package

UPS has generated the methods to intercept your package. The cost relies on the method you choose. Here are the estimated fees charged by the UPS:

● An interception by phone call costs $22.90

● An interception made online costs $16.40

The fee might vary from time to time. Contact UPS customer support or visit for more information.

How to Prevent Address Correction Charges?

Certainly, it’s a headache to resolve a problem like an incorrect address. Even though the process is a simple one, try to avoid it in the first case. From your side, be accurate with your details, and UPS will do their job with exactitude. 

Problems that you might face with incorrect package address:

● Delay in package delivery.

● Unnecessary payment of additional correction fees.

● Distresses both sender and the package recipient.

● Unnecessary waste of time.

Preventive measures to avoid disclosure of incorrect details:

● Eradicate typographic errors.

● Eliminate spelling mistakes.

● Use space to present the address in a precise view.

● Utilize standard observations for streets, apartments, and more.

● Recheck twice before you submit.

What’s Special about UPS?

UPS is certainly special to every happy customer. Also, every online business earns revenue on an understandable tie-up with UPS. Here are the facts about the company:

● The groundbreaking delivery service company employs 10,000+ staff.

● United Parcel Service is a global leader in supply chain solutions.

● In terms of revenue, they stand as the world’s largest company.

● UPS provides logistics and freight forwarding to almost 195+ countries.

● UPS has been serving almost 9.4 million customers every day.

● The company receives tracking requests of about 47.5 million on average.

Of course, the list is never-ending! But these are well enough to prove that UPS is a trustworthy company. Using the delivery service from such a company is a privilege. And so never will they stop supporting your deliveries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on UPS Change of Address

Here are a few FAQs regarding the UPS delivery service. Hope this clears up your mind.

How much is the shipping cost of a package?

It depends on the sender’s location, package weight, destination, special service, and more. In consideration of all these factors, you can estimate the package’s shipping cost.

Is it possible to void a shipment?

Yes, it’s possible. To do so, follow these:
1. Visit UPS’s official website.
2. At the top of the page, select shipments.
3. Navigate to the existing shipment.
4. Select void shipment, Choose the shipments to be void. 
5. Confirm it and Click ‘Void Shipment’.

How do we get the shipment labels?

Print the labels from the shipment history section. Or after the immediate submission of the shipment information.

How to make a return shipment?

Simply log in to with your UPS login credentials. Navigate to the shipment page, select return shipment. Instantly, the return process will start.


Gladly, we believe the content has provided enough information in changing the UPS package address. Also, it would have de-stressed your mind. So go on cheerfully and never downcast!

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