How To Install A Mailbox? – Step By Step

If you own a house or recently moved into one, then you might probably be thinking about installing a mailbox. It is essential and simple to install a mailbox once you choose the perfect one for your home. 

You can choose to install either a post-mounted mailbox or a wall-mounted mailbox as your preference and convenience.

Post-mounted mailboxes are installed in line with the sidewalk, increasing the curb appeal, while a wall-mounted mailbox can be installed right next to your entrance door or even on a fence at eye level. 

Installing a mailbox isn’t at all a daunting task as it might seem to be. You don’t even need a professional to get it installed at your house. With the perfect guide, you can easily install it yourself in just a few hours.

You need to follow some basic steps and keep in mind some specific requirements while installing the mailbox on your property.

How to Install a


How to Install a Post-Mounted Mailbox?

To install a post-mounted mailbox, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Dig a Post Hole

The first and foremost step to installing a post-mounted mailbox is to dig a hole. However, you must keep in mind the USPS specifications while doing so.

USPS requires a mailbox to be 41-45 inches above the street level. Also, the mailbox should be placed 6-8 inches back from the curb. So, make sure you use a measuring tape to mark the appropriate spot to install the mailbox. If you do not have a raised curb on your street, then contact the local postmaster to guide you with the required measurement in that case.

Next, use a post-hole digger to dig the hole at the marked spot. Dig in a way so that the height of the mailbox above the ground is around 42 inches. There is no need to dig deeper than 24 inches.

Step 2: Insert a Mailbox Post

Next, insert the mailbox post, which is sturdy and stable enough not to bend or fall on the side of the road. Wooden support of 4×4 inches or a steel or aluminum pipe of 2-inch diameter would be the preferable choice.

Insert the post into the hole and use support beams on all sides to hold the post in place. Check once more if the post is 42 inches above the street level and not buried more than 24 inches into the hole. 

Step 3: Pour the Concrete

The next step is to prepare the concrete following the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour the concrete into the hole around the mailbox post. Make sure that the concrete doesn’t rise to the surface. There must be a few inches of space left at the top of the hole.

After pouring the concrete, immediately check the height of the mailbox and whether it has shifted from being straight and even with the road. Any required adjustments must be made before the concrete dries.    

Step 4: Allow the Concrete to Dry

The next step would be to allow the concrete to dry completely. The amount of time required would depend on the type of concrete used. It is usually mentioned in the manufacturer’s guide. 

Leave the support beams intact with the posts until you are sure that the concrete has dried. 

Step 5: Attach the Mailbox

To accomplish this step perfectly, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the core. To attach the mailbox to the mounting board, you need to use the holes located either on the bottom or sides of the mailbox. The specific step depends on the type of mailbox purchased, and hence the customized instruction of the manufacturer is the perfect guide.

Step 6: Add the Street Number

Once you set up your mailbox, the next important step is to add the street number. 

Your mailbox must be clearly labeled with the house letters and numbers. Make sure that the letters or numbers are at least one inch tall for the address to be easily identified.

Also, as per the USPS guidance, if your mailbox happens to be on a different street than your house, you must put the full street address on your mailbox.

Step 7: Beautify and Maintain your Mailbox

If there are any empty spaces in the hole above the concrete, fill it up with soil to bring it to the ground level so that it doesn’t look awkward. You can also consider planting some trees or flowers, making a small garden around the mailbox. 

Ensure good maintenance of the mailbox. Inspect whether it’s holding strong against the weather as well as the regular wear and tear. Check for rust or lose hinges at least once a year. Also, ensure that nothing obstructs the path to the mailbox. And fix immediately if the house number fades.

How to Install a Wall-Mounted Mailbox?

To install a wall-mounted mailbox, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Choose the Location

Choose the location where you desire to install the mailbox. Check whether the place is easily accessible to the mail carrier as well as to your family.

Step 2: Mark the Wall

Hold the mailbox against the wall. Use a level to check if it’s straight and whether you are holding the mailbox flat. 

Then, open the mail to mark the wall by inserting a pencil through the mounting holes at the back of the mailbox. The markings are the place where you drill holes for the installation screws.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Drill the holes through the markings and make sure it’s not too deep. For brick or masonry walls, ¼ inch and wood walls, 1/16 inch drill bit would be enough. Still, you can check the installation guidelines that came with the mailbox to know precisely. 

Step 4: Install Mounting Hardware

Next, install the mounting hardware. Plastic anchors work the best for brick or masonry walls. Check the installation manual to know if your mailbox needs any specific mounting hardware.

Step 5: Hang the Mailbox

The last step is to hang the mailbox. 

For this, you need to insert screws into the top holes and twist them in half. Use the level to rest it on the top of the mailbox and check if it’s straight. 

Now, insert the bottom screws and drill them in half. Again check if the mailbox is straight. Adjust if necessary before securely drilling in all the screws.

Conclusion on Installing MailBox

Installing a mailbox is a simple project that doesn’t take much time if done correctly. So, if you could free up just one day from your busy schedule and follow our guide to the core, you won’t need the help of any professional at all. Be it a post-mounted mailbox or a wall-mounted mailbox, learning how to install a mailbox quickly and efficiently is simply within your reach with this detailed article now.

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